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Harmony Stoves

Harmony Stoves

Each and every Euroheat Harmony stove is packed full of technology that enables these stoves to be incredibly efficient, making them one of the most environmentally friendly stoves on the market.

The large double glazed viewing door offers nights of passion and days of warmth with the solid cast iron stove cradling the heat and releasing it slowly.

The ZR air delivery system delivers its pre-heated air throughout the combustion chamber as a gentle breeze, this means the volatile components of the fuel bed are burned as a priority, before any unused air is available to cause the fire to generate more volatile components.

This ensures clean, complete, combustion. Clean combustion not needing a curtain of air to protect the glass from unburned tars is both more efficient and less damaging to the environment, as well as keeping the large double glazed door clean.

The remote control allows full control over the flames allowing the maximum turndown of any stove, with overnight burning you do not even have to relight your stove in the morning.

Experience the power and charm of a Harmony wood or multi-fuel stove for yourself.

We have the Harmony 13 ,23 and 33 on display we also have a Harmony 14 gas stove on working display.

Thank you for a professional job - we are really happy with the fire and would recommend you to our friends and family.
J Hunter