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Handöl Stoves

Handöl Stoves

Scandinavia’s premier manufacturer of stoves. At Handöl, they have accumulated many decades of experience producing stoves.

The distinctive, muffled sound you hear when the door is closed bears witness to masterly precision and a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

Handöl's Clean Glass Technology leaves you with a perfect view, this is due to the air wash system that preheats the combustion air before emitting it into the firebox where it flushes soot off the glass. The H30 range also offers a unique mirrored glass, this means you don’t see in when there’s no fire!

A stove that burns as cleanly as possible is a sound environmental choice. At Handöl this responsibility is taken seriously, in the past all their stoves have carried the CE and P Mark, however standards have been raised higher by ensuring these products now meet the requirements for “The Swan Eco-label” award.

Adding to this they now have numerous stoves passed through UK stringent testing to burn wood in smokeless areas around the UK.

We have the Handol 51L and 32 as working displays plus numerous others on display.

Dear Mark,
We would like to say 'thank you' to you an your staff for the cheerful and considerate way in which you have dealt with the installation of gas central heating in our sitting room. Your patience and persistence is very much appreciated.

Once again, thank you very much.
M Donaldson