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Contura Stoves

Contura Stoves

Another of Scandinavia’s best range of stoves is Contura. Showing their commitment to the environment, all Contura products are marked with the Nordic environmental Swan label.

This means low particle emissions and high efficiency. What you can expect from a Swan marked stove:

• Produces very low emissions of environmentally dangerous gases and waste
• Is efficient with low fuel consumption
• Is manufactured without using unnecessary poisons or metals
• Has clear installation and maintenance instructions
• Has been tested and satisfies tough quality and function standards

All Contura wood stoves are equipped with an efficient convection system, which means that full power can be obtained from the stove’s hot air release only a few minutes after the stove has been lit.

Many of the wood stoves in the Contura ranges, depending on the stove range, can be equipped with a fan. With a fan fitted, the heat spreads rapidly and effectively from room to room and starts automatically.

The result is a product range that makes burning wood an eco-friendly, renewable, clean, and not least, economical alternative.

We have several Contura stoves on display, many of which are suitable for use in smoke control zones.

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